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Gun Violence Prevention and Response

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Public safety is the top priority of the Champaign Police Department. The City of Champaign and its community partners are committed to reducing incidents of gun violence, sharing important crime prevention resources and to assist those impacted and traumatized by violence. The reduction in gun crime from the historic level experienced in Champaign in 2021 required a continuation of existing strategies along with the implementation of new, innovative approaches that extend beyond traditional law enforcement to help identify and interrupt the cycle of violence. Crime prevention methods and resources being employed have been formed through intelligence-led policing models and a series of targeted initiatives that have been invested in and supported by the City. Community activation and involvement to help end the cycle of violence and change the mindset of those who would contribute to it is encouraged as we all work towards strengthening our neighborhoods and improving our great community.

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What is the City of Champaign Doing to Combat Gun Violence?

  • On February 15, 2022, the City Council approved the Community Gun Violence Reduction Blueprint. The Blueprint is a comprehensive strategy to address the root causes of gun violence in Champaign.  Under the Blueprint, the City is very actively engaged with multiple community partners to use a multi-pronged approach to address the root cause of violence, including poverty, income inequality, underfunded public housing, under-resourced public services, underperforming schools, lack of opportunity and perceptions of hopelessness, and easy access to firearms by high-risk people. Law enforcement is a committed partner in this work, but cannot be the only answer.
  • Champaign Police have reorganized their Patrol Division to be led by four Lieutenants, with each one focusing their efforts on a specific area of Champaign. These District Commanders identify and address quality of life issues, field resident concerns, and direct on-duty officers in their public safety mission. Click here to find your District Commander.
  • With City Council approval, Champaign Police have implemented new technologies to aid in the investigation of violent crime. These include the lease of automated license plate readers (ALPR) from Flock Group, Inc. and the upcoming installation of eighteen Public Safety Camera (PSC) boxes at intersections across Champaign.
  • 2 police officers and a CPD squad carChampaign Police continue to bolster community engagement activity with residents, businesses, neighborhood groups, and community partners. These relationships have led to community members more frequently sharing crime information with police, which aids in investigations and holding criminals responsible for their actions.
  • Champaign Police lead the Street Crimes Task Force, a multi-agency unit which has been successful in identifying and arresting individuals involved in gun-related crimes. Dozens of arrests have been made and many illegal guns have been taken off the streets by this team.
  • The City leads the Champaign County Community Coalition, a community-wide effort to proactively address issues that can lead to violence.
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  • The City and the Community Coalition have provided grant funding to support Crime Stoppers’ Illegal Gun Bounty Reward program to help solve felony crimes involving firearms. In March 2022, the City Council awarded a grant of $100,000 to Crime Stoppers so they could increase their reward amounts for felony gun crimes ($2,500) and homicides ($5,000).
  • Staff with the City’s Equity & Engagement Department engage neighbors in the area where incidents of violence are known to have occurred. Interventions and supports through trauma-informed care are available to the community, including clinicians, therapists, trauma, and grief counselors to provide immediate support.
  • Since August 2022, the City’s Justice Victim Advocates (JVA) and CPD have worked collaboratively to provide a holistic approach to victims of gun violence. JVAs work directly with CPD to provide victim advocacy and access to community resources.
  • The City leads the Community Violence Response Team (CVRT) Community members sharing information in neighborhoodswhich helps neighborhoods dealing with increased gun violence by hosting Neighborhood Safety Forums and giving residents a chance to share their safety concerns and recommendations with law enforcement, community agencies, and local leadership. The CVRT also provides direct support to families in the aftermath of community violence, helping ensure victims’ immediate needs are met.
  • The City supports the CU Trauma & Resilience Initiative (CU TRI), which has bolstered the community’s response to families who have been affected by trauma and educates residents about trauma-informed care and resiliency.

Community Resources

Our community is reminded of the following resources, support networks, and opportunities to engage in relation to the issue of gun violence:

Champaign County Community CoalitionCommunity Coalition Meeting:  The Community Coalition is a collaborative initiative involving governmental partners, community organizations and members working together to address and solve the community’s most challenging social and economic issues – including gun violence. Each meeting includes a crime update from local law enforcement, and all residents are encouraged to join the discussion to learn more about community advancements, resources and the issues impacting our neighborhoods. Attend one of their public meetings on the second Wednesday of each month. Learn more at

Logo for the Trauma & Resilience InitiativeCU Trauma & Resilience Initiative (CU TRI): A product of the Community Coalition, CU TRI is a collaborative initiative to improve the community’s ability to respond to families who have been affected by trauma, and to educate the community about trauma-informed care and resiliency. Individuals experiencing trauma and in need of immediate support can call the CU TRI emergency number at 217-673-7122.

Graphic for Crime Stoppers' Illegal Gun Bounty Reward ProgramCrime Stoppers’ Illegal Gun Bounty Reward Program: Crime Stoppers accepts anonymous tips about any criminal activity in Champaign County. Through their Illegal Gun Bounty Reward program, anyone who contacts Crime Stoppers with a tip that leads to the arrest of a person who used a gun during the commission of a felony crime in Champaign County will receive a $2,500 cash reward ($5,000 for homicides). Tipsters always remain completely anonymous when providing information to Crime Stoppers. Visit to learn more or to provide an anonymous tip.

Neighborhood Meeting Register your Neighborhood: Organized neighborhood groups are essential to fostering community well-being throughout Champaign. Register your neighborhood or group with the City’s Neighborhood Services Department and learn more about your neighbors and take an active role in organizing and leading your neighborhood. Neighborhood groups are also encouraged to reach out and share with law enforcement the problems most directly affecting their neighborhood. Learn more on the City’s website or call 217-403-7070.

Neighborhood Watch Sign Register for the City’s Neighborhood Watch Program. Neighborhood Watch is a great opportunity for communities to help in the fight against crime, as well as to bond through acts of service. Champaign’s neighborhoods are built on the strength of our residents, and every day, situations arise that call upon residents to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement. Learn more on the City’s website or call 217-403-7070.

Report Suspicious Activity: The community is reminded to report all suspicious activity to the authorities. Crime prevention and arrests are often the result of alert residents. By reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement, you can help protect your family, neighbors, and community. Report emergencies and active criminal activity to 9-1-1, and non-emergencies to 217-333-8911.

Shooting Incident Statistics

As part of the City’s ongoing commitment to transparency and keeping the public informed, the Champaign Police Department is sharing regular updates and historical data about confirmed shooting incidents that took place inside the city limits. New updates will be posted monthly.
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