Role of the Liquor Commissioner

The Mayor serves as the City’s Liquor Commissioner and oversees the enforcement of the Liquor Code and Liquor Commissioner rules.

The Liquor Commissioner:

  • Serves as the primary point of contact for all liquor license-related matters
  • Plays a major role in proposing changes to the liquor provisions in the City Code
  • Develops the Liquor Commissioner’s Rules
  • Makes suggestions relative to enforcement policies
  • Holds liquor licensees accountable for following City liquor ordinance

The Liquor Commissioner does not determine prosecution of individual criminal violations or manage details of liquor enforcement.

Deputy Liquor Commissioner

The Deputy Liquor Commissioner is appointed by the Mayor, and assists with the responsibilities listed above. The Deputy Liquor Commissioner works with the City’s Police Department, Legal Department, and the Mayor’s Office to coordinate implementation of the Liquor Code.