Training and Enforcement

Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Training (BASSET)

A recent change in state law requires alcohol servers in the State of Illinois (outside Cook County) to obtain Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education Training (BASSET) certification. A variety of training outlets – including online certification classes – are available to individuals who must meet BASSET certification requirements in order to comply with state law. Please visit the Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s website to learn more about BASSET training requirements and approved training programs.

Local Alcohol Service Training

The Champaign Police Department provides supplemental training materials which cover liquor regulation and enforcement issues that are unique to Champaign and not covered by the State’s BASSET training.  For more information, contact Sgt. Gregory Manzana at 217-403-6981 or

BEST Security Training

The Champaign Police Department offers BEST Security Training for security staff employed by licensed liquor establishments. BEST Security Training is required for security staff working at businesses that sell alcohol.  BEST Security Training certification is valid for three years.  Contact Sgt. Gregory Manzana at 217-403-6981 or for more information, or register for the course using the link below.

Sign up for a BEST Security Training course.

Liquor Enforcement

The Rules of the Liquor Commissioner and the City Liquor Code are enforced by the Champaign Police Department. They are responsible for ensuring that liquor licensees meet the standards set by the City for service, identification, and a number of other rules.  Residents and licensees with questions or concerns about liquor enforcement can contact Sgt. Gregory Manzana at 217-403-6981 or

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