City Council’s Vision, Guiding Principles, and Goals

The City Council sets the vision for the City and adopts guiding principles and goals to reflect that vision and guide decision-making at all levels of City government. The goal setting process builds Council consensus on policies and projects that impact City residents, businesses and the community as a whole.  The City Manager uses the City Council’s vision, principles, and goals to set priorities, direct work activities, and allocate staffing and financial resources.

Vision Statement

Champaign is an inclusive community that welcomes all. City residents enjoy a great quality of life, first class educational opportunities, and easy mobility. Champaign is a vibrant community with an active city center and healthy neighborhoods. The City is designed for quality and sustainability and has a growing economy.

Guiding Principles

These principles serve as the foundation for how we lead our City government and deliver services to our community:

  • We strive to ensure that all residents have an excellent Quality of Life.
  • We will always be Open and Transparent in our actions and communications.
  • We safeguard public resources and are Fiscally Responsible.
  • We use a Data-driven Approach to evaluate City services and improve our response to community needs.
  • We protect the well-being of future generations by advancing Environmental Sustainability.
  • We collaborate with Community Partners to address issues of mutual concern.
  • We are a Forward-thinking City that anticipates opportunities and trends that will transform our community.

2019-2021 City Council Goals and Key Projects


Our City Keeps Our Community Safe

  • Implement a continuous recruiting program for Police and develop innovative and customized marketing strategies for recruiting new and lateral officers.
  • Allocate funding to replace and enhance essential public safety equipment and technology at the end of its life cycle.
  • Work with community members and organizations to support efforts to deter gun violence.
  • Continue to collaborate with Unit 4 Schools and community partners to identify resources and services necessary to support youth and families in crisis.

Our City Expands Economic Opportunity

  • Continue the implementation of the Champaign Diversity Advancement Program by using minority-owned, women-owned, and socially and economically disadvantaged businesses in City purchasing and procurement.
  • Support incremental development by evaluating and updating City codes and policies to eliminate barriers to affordable, sustainable, and neighborhood-scale reinvestment.
  • Update the City’s Economic Development Incentive Policy.
  • Create partnerships to build neighborhood-based businesses, reinvest in underutilized commercial space, and encourage job creation in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods.
  • Support partnerships to address workforce training needs and promote job opportunities that match the skill sets of the talent pool.
  • Develop a public communication and marketing campaign that highlights the City of Champaign as a great place to live, work, learn, and play.

Our City Builds Safe and Sustainable Infrastructure

  • Continue implementing high priority drainage projects including Boneyard Creek-University to Neil and explore options to advance construction of Garden Hills drainage improvements.
  • Restore annual rehabilitation projects for existing sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety through sidewalk gap construction, intersection and sidewalk ramp improvements, and bike lanes.
  • Explore funding options for implementation of the Neil Street Plaza Plan including construction of the plaza stage and related utility and infrastructure improvements.
  • Complete engineering evaluations of traffic pattern changes proposed within the Neil Street Corridor Plan.

Our City Invests to Support its Vibrant, Diverse Neighborhoods

  • Develop a plan to monitor neighborhood conditions, enhance information sharing with the public, and engage residents in strategies to promote neighborhood vitality.
  • Support the creation and sustainability of year-round emergency shelters in the City.
  • Improve resident access to healthy foods, essential services, quality amenities, and wellness resources.
  • Implement strategies to encourage the development of quality, affordable, and safe housing.