City Departments

The City of Champaign has several departments and divisions, each dedicated to providing quality City services. The City Manager's Office oversees the overall day-to-day operation of the City, within the policy guidance of the City Council.

The Building Safety Division of the Champaign Fire Department is responsible for ensuring the enforcement of City codes relating to building construction. Responsibilities include receipt of all permit applications, review for compliance with codes, and inspection of all construction including building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, sprinkler and fire alarm systems.  Learn more about the Building Safety Division.

The City of Champaign has a City Manager / Council form of government. The City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City, serving the nine member City Council to carry out City policy and manage the operations of the City.  Learn more about the City Manager’s Office.

The Equity and Engagement Department works to ensure our residents and visitors are treated in a fair, equal, and inclusive manner. This Department handles discrimination complaints and also coordinates the work of the Champaign Community Coalition.  Learn more about the Equity and Engagement Department.

The purpose of the Finance Department is to help its customers—Citizens, City Council and staff—use their resources to improve the quality of the City.  Learn more about the Finance Department.

The mission of the Champaign Fire Department is to protect life and property through professional services delivered with compassion and integrity.  Learn more about the Fire Department.

The Human Resources Department provides a leadership role in the management of all human resource areas, including: workers’ compensation, benefits, compensation, labor relations, unemployment compensation, safety and OSHA compliance, Equal Employment Opportunity compliance and employee training.  Learn more about the Human Resources Department.

The mission of the Information Technologies Department is to develop and use information technology resources to provide quality services to our citizens and staff.  Learn more about the Information Technologies Department.

The mission of the Legal Department is to provide the highest quality legal counsel to the City Council, City Manager, Boards and Commissions, City Departments and all City and Township officials in matters relating to their official duties.   Learn more about the Legal Department.

The Champaign Public Library serves as a vital community center, offering books, movies, live music, after-school activities, Great Authors at the Library, and much more. The Library supports the role of reading for success in life and work, access to lifelong learning, and enriching and inspiring experiences. While associated with the City in a number of ways, the Library is not technically a City department.  Learn more about the Champaign Public Library.

The Mayor serves as the City’s Liquor Commissioner and oversees the enforcement of the Liquor Code and the Liquor Commissioner’s Rules and processes liquor license applications.  Learn more about the Liquor Commissioner’s Office.

METCAD answers emergency 9-1-1 calls for all of Champaign County.  METCAD is overseen by a multi-agency policy board. Learn more about METCAD 9-1-1.

The Neighborhood Services Department is responsible for many issues that affect individuals and their homes, neighborhoods, and the larger community of Champaign.  Learn more about the Neighborhood Services Department.

The Parking Division of the Public Works Department assists with parking needs, such as the Hill Street parking deck, parking meter locations, permits, tickets, and more.  Learn more about Parking Programs Office.

The Planning & Development Department’s mission is to engage in responsible and responsive planning to enhance the quality of life in the community by promoting the wellness of existing neighborhoods, protecting property values by encouraging compatible development, and providing for the future growth and stability of the City of Champaign.  Learn more about the Planning and Development Department.

The mission of the Champaign Police Department is to preserve peace and order within the City through a cooperative effort with its citizens.  Learn more about the Police Department.

The mission of the Public Works Department is to develop and maintain the City’s infrastructure and buildings, grounds and vehicular equipment, and provide specialized community services, such as tree care, recycling service, and parking enforcement.  Learn more about the Public Works Department.