Liquor Rules

The City of Champaign and the State of Illinois have enacted various rules to encourage the responsible sale of and consumption of alcohol. Establishments selling alcohol are encouraged to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney to make sure the State and City laws and the Liquor Commissioner’s Rules are properly followed.

Champaign Liquor Ordinance

The City’s Ordinance regulating alcoholic beverages is contained in Chapter 5 of the City’s Municipal Code.

Review the City’s Liquor Ordinance

Rules of the Local Liquor Commissioner

Section 5-91 of the City Code allows the Liquor Commissioner to establish additional rules which liquor licensees must follow.

Review the Rules of the Local Liquor Commissioner

State Liquor Control Commission

Establishments who wish to serve liquor within the city limits must first apply for and be granted a liquor license from the City of Champaign.  Following receipt of a City liquor license, licensees must then apply for a State of Illinois liquor license through the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC). An ILCC license is required before any distributor can bring alcohol to the premises for service.

Visit the Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s Website