Employee Conduct Report

The purpose of the Annual Employee Conduct Report is to provide an overview of the internal affairs process used by the Champaign Police Department and to provide comment on citizen input in both positive and negative data collected.

The thorough and fair investigation of all citizen complaints, regardless of their source, is a top priority for our agency.  The Employee Conduct report is generated and presented annually to the City’s Human Relations Commission.

Citizen Review Subcommittee 

In 2017, the City of Champaign formed a five-member citizen subcommittee that allows review of complaint investigations related to police employee conduct. The Citizen Review Subcommittee was established to:

  • Add a citizen perspective to the evaluation of citizen complaints.
  • Provide a systematic means to achieve continuous improvement in citizen and police
  • Promote public confidence in the professionalism and accountability of the City of
    Champaign’s police department through unbiased review of the investigation of citizen
    complaints and thoughtful policy recommendations and on-going public outreach.
  • Provide a timely, fair, and objective review of citizen complaints and the manner which
    they are investigated.

The Subcommittee serves under the Human Relations Commission, and in partnership with the City of Champaign’s Equity and Engagement Department. The Subcommittee reviews citizen complaints prior to the Chief of Police issuing a finding in the investigation. The Subcommittee has the ability to request additional investigative information; determine whether or not an investigation is complete; and make recommendation to the Chief of Police.

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