Crime Data

The Champaign Police Department, in partnership with Arc Pro, provides an online service enabling the public to review maps of recent crime activity at the neighborhood level, helping to further data transparency, community awareness, and proactive partnership between police and community in addressing public safety trends.

The data made available on Arc Pro is of original crime reports that have been entered into the Champaign Police Department’s record management system within the last 6 months.  Crime reports are updated daily and include basic information for incidents, based on the FBI’s NIBRS coding system.

Through Arc Pro, citizens can view reported crimes, sign-up for specific crime alerts, as well as register personal security cameras to help law enforcement solve criminal investigations.

Citizens should note the following limitations when searching the database:

  • The provided numbers are not to be used for official reporting purposes. Data can vary widely, as preliminary crime classifications may change at a later date based upon further investigation.
  • Information is based off preliminary incident reports and includes the report number, crime type, incident date and time, the location rounded by the hundredth-block address, and a brief report summary.
  • Data does not include general calls for service or police activity where no crime report was generated.
  • Up to 6 months of data may be searched by address, type of crime and date.
  • Unique case types may be withheld to comply with law and in protecting victim’s rights.