Car Seat Safety Inspections

Child safety seats, when used and installed correctly, can prevent serious injury. A baby being fastened into a car seatHowever, an incorrectly installed child safety seat can present safety concerns and the potential to fail. The Champaign Police Department is committed to child safety and has officers certified as Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Technicians on staff to provide child safety seat inspections and education to residents with the goal of reducing the number of injuries related to traffic collisions.

A CPS technician conducts an inspection of child safety seats, ensuring proper installation and instructing parents and caregivers on the proper use and installation of their child’s safety seat.

Important Child Safety Information

Not sure what type of car seat you need? Click here to learn the State of Illinois requirements for child safety seats.

Has your car seat been recalled? Click here to view the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall webpage.

Scheduling a Car Seat Safety Inspection

The Champaign Police Department has officers certified as Child Passenger Safety Technicians to provide Car Seat Safety Inspections. These inspections take 30 to 60 minutes per car seat, and require a parent or caregiver to be present and engaged in the inspection.

Car Seat Inspections