Employee Recognition

The Champaign Police Department’s Employee Awards Ceremony is held annually to help highlight staff accomplishments over the previous calendar year and to thank each and every one of them for their positive commitment to our City.  

We thank our officers and staff for their tireless efforts to advance CPD’s mission “to serve our public by the unwavering protection of all citizens, through unconditional respect and collaborative efforts with our community.” Our continued success is defined by the collection of our daily standards to always perform at our greatest, and always in pledge to our dedication of service through trust, integrity and respect.

Please join in congratulating the below individuals, nominated by their peers for embodying those very principles and for having a standout year of service in 2022. 

Champaign Police Employee Awards Ceremony
May 17, 2023

Officer of the Year

Officer AikmanOfficer Christopher Aikman’s dedication to training his peers leaves him second to none at Champaign Police. He became a Field Training Officer (FTO) in March 2013 and has directly contributed to the training and development of countless officers in the last decade. Aikman has personally logged 642 Daily Observation Reports, the most of any FTO on record with CPD. That’s almost 2 full years of his career spent training his peers.

Aside from his willingness to train, Aikman is an extremely hardworking and dedicated officer. He completes all necessary follow-up and works his cases until the most logical conclusion, which most often results in the arrest of an offender. Aikman has received 18 civilian and supervisor recognitions, 2 Department commendations, and 9 letters of commendation, and, now, Officer of the Year.


Employee of the Year

Gretchen DavisGretchen Davis serves as a Police Services Representative with the Champaign Police Department. She has been with the department for nearly 9 years and serves primarily in records, while also assisting at the front desk.

When the department needed it, Gretchen volunteered to take on LEADS validation, which is a very meticulous task. Additionally, she handles a large amount of self-report entries, and expungements. Gretchen also serves as is one of our trainers, helping onboard new Police Services employees.




Lifesaving Award

The Life Saving award is presented to officers who have taken significant steps to mitigate a potentially life-threatening event.

HedrickOfficer Molly Hedrick
On December 19, 2021, you were dispatched to assist Champaign Fire with an unresponsive female found in a garage on Bonnymeade Drive. You arrived first on the scene, quickly assessed the situation, and performed CPR on the patient until Fire arrived. Because of your quick and decisive actions, the victim survived a potentially life-threatening event. For your heroic actions and dedicated performance of duty, you are hereby recognized with the 2022 Lifesaving Award.






Officer Jeffrey Thomas & Sergeant Caleb Rice
On August 31, 2022, you and Officer Rice responded to a suicidal subject in an apartment on Green Street. On scene, you located the subject standing precariously on a third-floor balcony. You engaged him in conversation and while at first, he seemed to cooperate, the subject suddenly tried to hurl himself over the railing. Without hesitation, you and Officer Rice rushed to grab the subject and pull him back to safety. Your selfless and decisive actions saved this subject from a potentially life-threatening event and allowed him to receive the professional help he needed. For your heroic actions and dedicated performance of duty, you are hereby recognized with the 2022 Lifesaving Award.


McAllisterOfficer John McAllister
On June 8, 2022, you responded to check welfare on a subject who had posted vague suicidal comments online. Although initially unable to locate the subject, you used your investigative skills to locate the subject who was found sitting in a vehicle and suffering from asphyxiation. Without hesitation, you moved to intervene and render medical aid. Because of your thorough investigation and quick actions, this subject survived and was able to obtain the professional help he needed. For your heroic actions and dedicated performance of duty, you are hereby recognized with the 2022 Lifesaving Award.




Commendation Awards

Officer Christopher Aikman
Sergeant Sean Ater
Officer Colby Barham
Officer Caleb Billingsley
Officer Doug Bluhm
Officer Jesse Brockwell
Police Services Manager Kelly Brown
Police Services Representative Jodie Burnett
Detective Jody Cherry
Police Services Representative Nova Coburn
Officer Nathanael Epling
Sergeant Brian Greear
Officer Jordan Hagemann
Detective James Hobson
Sergeant Leslie Kerr
Sergeant Jonathan Kristensen
Lieutenant Aaron Lack
Assistant to the Police Chief Joe Lamberson
Officer Payton Lareau
Officer Jeffrey Lee
Lieutenant Greg Manzana
Sergeant Austin Massey
Officer John McAllister
Detective Art Miller
Detective Robb Morris
Sergeant John Nickell
Officer Kevin Pesavento
Detective Amy Petrilli
Detective Corey Phenicie
Officer Jeffrey Pickett
Sergeant Justin Prosser
Police Services Representative Martha Rice
Detective Timothy Rivest
Detective Cully Schweska
Evidence Technician Mark Strzesak
Officer Jeffrey Thomas
K-9 Officer Tina Trock
Detective Steve Vogel
Officer Brandon Walton
Officer Daniel Ward
Sergeant James Warren
Administrative Assistant Heather Watson
Fiscal Clerk Teri Weems
Officer Blake Wehling
Officer Jordan Wells
Officer Andrew Wilson
Officer Jordan Wooten
Police Services Manager Renae Yandell


 Distinguished Leadership Award

Deputy Chief Kevin Olmstead

Deputy Chief Kevin Olmstead

Lieutenant Katherine Thompson

Lieutenant Katherine Thompson

Renae Yandell

Renae Yandell












Medal of Valor

Officer Dillon Holloway

Officer Dillon Holloway