Use of Force Review

The Champaign Police Department closely monitors and analyzes each and every incident where force is used by our officers, and defines use of force as any force beyond normal handcuffing techniques – including low levels of force required to secure an offender that is tensing up or pulling an arm away during an arrest.

The use of force review serves to ensure that the use of any force is based upon reasonableness in accomplishing a lawful task and is in accordance with the Department’s value system of “service through trust, integrity and respect.”

Annual Use of Force Reports

The Champaign City Council is provided an annual report that outlines force used and if there are any trends, training needs or potential policy modifications.

Most calls for service are handled by Champaign Police without any force used, with the most recent data reflecting that in 2023, 99.77% of calls for service were resolved without the use of force.

Use of Force Review Committee

The Chief of Police appoints a pool of Department members, and effective September 2017, six citizen representatives, to serve on the Use of Force Review Committee.  Department appointees are assigned for a period of (1) year and citizen representatives serve no more than two consecutive three-year terms.

Committee members review all relevant facts, circumstances, and information related to specific incidents where force is used.  Citizen representatives serve in an individual and advisory capacity and focus on ensuring that the process is thorough, fair, and sensitive to community concerns about police use of force.

The Committee consists of the following representatives, appointed by the Chief of Police:

  • Citizen Member: Kelly Foster
  • Citizen Member: Lily Walton
  • Citizen Member: Andrea Newman
  • Citizen Member: Karen Perez
  • Citizen Member: Felisa Daniels
  • Citizen Member: Mark Medlyn
  • Police Representative: Deputy Chief Kevin Olmstead
  • Police Representative: Lieutenant Andre Davis
  • Police Representative: Lieutenant Aaron Lack
  • Police Representative: Sergeant Patrick Simons
  • Police Representative: Sergeant Sean Ater
  • Police Representative: Sergeant Matthew Crane
  • Police Representative: Sergeant Kaitlin Fisher
  • Police Representative: Sergeant John Nickell
  • Police Representative: Sergeant Justin Prosser
  • Police Representative: Sergeant James Warren
  • Police Representative: Officer Jesse Brockwell
  • Police Representative: Officer Chris Aikman
  • Police Representative: Officer Jordan Hagemann
  • Police Representative: Officer Jordan Wells
  • Police Representative: Officer Jordan Wooten

Use of Force Review Committee Monthly Reports 








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