Champaign County Crime Stoppers

Police recognize that there may be times when citizens have information on a crime, however, are hesitant to come forward. The Champaign County Crime Stoppers program helps take away some of that pressure by providing a platform for citizens to protect their identity when sharing details of a crime, in addition to making them eligible to receive a cash reward.

The support of concerned residents using Crime Stoppers has assisted local law enforcement agencies in solving more than 2,100 cases since the program was introduced in 1986.

How Does Crime Stoppers Work?

Calls and contact to Crime Stoppers is supported by a completely independent, non-profit organization that takes your information and then passes it on to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Caller ID is not used, calls are not recorded, and all identifying information is electronically scrubbed from the Crime Stoppers system.

After you provide your tip information, you are assigned a unique code that allows you to call Crime Stoppers back to discover if your tip is eligible for a reward. If your tip leads to an arrest you could be eligible for a cash reward of up to $5,000.

The Champaign County Crime Stoppers Board of Directors meets monthly to determine which calls merit a reward payment and the amount of each reward. The Board takes into consideration the helpfulness of the information and the severity of the crime.

If the information you provided leads to an arrest, a cash payment will be made available to you at a discreet location, and you would use your assigned code number to claim your reward.

How Can I Submit an Anonymous Tip?

Tips may be submitted by phone, online, or by using the “P3 Tips” mobile app.

For more information, visit Crime Stoppers’ website.