Champaign Police Annual Report

As part of the accreditation process under the Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (ILEAP), Champaign Police compile an annual report that outlines the department’s activities in the past year. This report allows our department to share important information with the community about our public safety mission and our operations. It also provides an opportunity for transparency, sharing statistics about incidents in Champaign and information about CPD’s processes to review officer actions and address complaints. The Champaign Police Department is committed to ensuring that our residents are informed about the actions of our officers and the impact of their police on the community we serve. We hope that you find the information here helpful and invite you to explore our entire website to learn more about your Police Department.

Yours in Safety,

Timothy T. Tyler
Chief of Police

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Champaign Police Department is to serve our public by the unwavering protection of all citizens, through unconditional respect and collaborative efforts with our community.

We serve as an honest, transparent and inclusive government that strives to provide the highest level of professional, comprehensive services and protection to our residents and visitors. Along with our use of progressive and innovative practices, the Champaign Police Department is committed to fostering positive police-citizen partnerships that help provide safety education, crime reduction, and improvement to the overall quality of life in our community.

For more information about our department’s mission, including the obligation of our oath of office and our Code of Ethics, click here.

Agency Goals and Objectives

In 2015, the Champaign Police Department adopted a Strategic Plan that incorporated recommendations developed under President Obama’s Presidential Task Force on 21st Century Policing. This plan focused department efforts in four key areas:

  • Community Safety & Connections
  • Trust & Trust Building
  • Employee Wellness, Training, & Development
  • Best Practices for Policy & Oversight

Additionally, in 2018, the Department adopted the IACP and NAACP Shared Principles Agreement, which affirmed our commitment to equity, justice, and fairness in the actions of our employees. Together, these documents have guided our work and ensured that our officers are well trained and fully prepared to protect the rights of citizens and the safety of our community without bias.

Agency Activities

Each year, the City of Champaign adopts an annual budget that contains service plans for each City Department, including the Champaign Police Department. These service plans outline the baseline services of the department, departmental goals and new initiatives for the fiscal year, and promotes transparency in our work.

The Champaign Police Department section of the Fiscal Year 2023-24 Budget can be viewed here. To view the City of Champaign’s full budget document, click here.

Department Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart for Champaign Police Department

Organizational chart for the Champaign Police Department

The Champaign Police Department is comprised of 126 sworn and 27 civilian personnel. These personnel are organized into four primary divisions. They are:

  • Operations, which oversees Uniformed Patrol,
  • Operational Support, which oversees Investigations and Fiscal Services,
  • Administration, which oversees Professional Standards, training, recruitment, special events, and the Police Services Unit, and
  • Community Services, which oversees the department’s media, social media, and community engagement efforts.

The Department’s organizational chart can be viewed by clicking the image to the side.

Community Engagement & Philanthropic Efforts

The Champaign Police Department is committed to the principles of community policing, which dictate that a community is stronger when police and community relations are stronger. Because of this commitment, Champaign Police strive to promote a visible presence, strong bonds with residents and neighborhoods, and collaborative partnerships with local organizations. In addition to large philanthropic undertakings by the department, including Community Coalition events, a Stuff the Squad Food Drive, and Shop with a Cop, Champaign Police are present with information and a positive presence at resource fairs, community streetfests, and Touch-a-Truck events. By joining these events, Champaign Police strengthen bonds with the community and provide a platform for residents and organizations to forge bonds that make Champaign a better, safer place to live, work, and play.

Click here to view a report of the Champaign Police Department’s community engagement in 2023.

Crime Statistics

The Champaign Police Department responded to more than 40,000 calls for service on 2023, including reports ranging from gun violence to traffic crashes, thefts, and even requests to check the welfare of a resident or assist other law enforcement agencies in the area. Our officers are available 24/7 to meet the needs of our neighbors and ensure the safety of our community. Our department publishes citywide crime statistics on an annual basis to provide a snapshot of the incidents being reported in Champaign and addressed by Champaign Police.

Click here to view the 2023 Crime Statistics report.

Use of Force Statistics

The Champaign Police Department closely monitors and analyzes each and every incident where force is used by our officers, and defines use of force as any force beyond normal handcuffing techniques–including low levels of force required to secure an offender that is tensing up or pulling an arm away during an arrest. The use of force review serves to ensure that the use of any force is based upon reasonableness in accomplishing a lawful task and is in accordance with the Department’s value system of “service through trust, integrity and respect.”

Annual reports on uses of force at the Champaign Police Department are completed in the following year. This means that the most recent report was completed in February 2024, and reviews all uses of force in 2023. Additionally, monthly reports on uses of force are posted online following their review by the department’s Use of Force Review Committee.

Learn more about Use of Force Review and view the Annual Report.

Vehicle Pursuit Statistics

Department Policy 41.2 allows for pursuit of a suspect under specific circumstances, including when they are believed to have committed a forcible felony, involving the infliction or threatened infliction of bodily harm. Officers and supervisors are also required to frequently consider present conditions, including weather, traffic, and visibility, when undertaking a pursuit. Following such an action, all pursuits are reviewed by Department leadership to ensure the actions of officers were within policy and acceptable under department standards. In 2023, the Champaign Police Department engaged in eight (8) vehicular pursuits.

Click here to view a report detailing all pursuits in 2023.

Traffic Enforcement Statistics

The Champaign Police Department compiles annual statistics related to traffic enforcement, including demographic details on stops of vehicles and pedestrian interactions. This data is submitted to the Illinois Department of Transportation and reviewed by CPD leadership to ensure that all stops are in compliance with Department Policy 1.9, which bans bias based policing. These annual reports are completed in the following year. This means that the most recent report was completed in June 2023, and provides a summary of stops in 2022.

Click here to view the 2022 traffic stop summary. Click here to view the 2022 pedestrian stop summary.

Crash Statistics

When Champaign Police respond to a report of a traffic crash, officers work quickly to ensure safety for both the involved parties and uninvolved drivers in the area. On-scene, CPD officers provide initial medical aid, request additional assistance from fire and EMS personnel, and establish traffic patterns that reduce risk and prevent further damage. Additionally, officers interview the parties for thorough reporting and accident reconstruction efforts. These reports are compiled on an annual basis.

Click here to review a summary of traffic crash statistics for 2023.

Summary of Internal Affairs Investigations

The Annual Employee Conduct Report provides an overview of the internal affairs process used by the Champaign Police Department and provides comments on citizen input in both positive and negative data collected. The thorough and fair investigation of all citizen complaints, regardless of their source, is a top priority for our agency.  The Employee Conduct report is generated and presented annually to the City’s Human Relations Commission.

Click here to learn more about the Employee Conduct Report.