School Resource Officer Program

The Champaign Police School Resource Officer Program has been temporarily suspended due to police staffing shortages. The Department will continue to proactively monitor school safety and maintain a presence throughout the school year, and respond to all calls for service. 

First implemented in 2006, Champaign Police School Resource Officers serve the Champaign Unit4 School District, following the guidelines established by the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO). NASRO utilizes the “triad” concept that the officer fills three roles–that of a a law-related counselor, law-related teacher, and law enforcement officer.

The goal of the School Resource Officer (SRO) program is to provide safe learning environments, provide valuable resources to school staff members, foster a positive relationship with students and develop strategies to resolve problems that affect our youth with the goal of protecting all children, so they can reach their fullest potential.

SROs are staffed at each of the Unit 4 middle schools and high schools, to include Edison, Franklin, and Jefferson Middle Schools; and Central and Centennial High Schools. Since its implementation, the support of SROs has helped to reduce and prevent school-related violence and crime committed by juveniles. As well, the Program helps to promote citizen awareness of the law, enabling students to become better informed of the law, police efforts and enforcement, and consequences for law violations.

To learn more about the Champaign Police and Champaign Unit 4 SRO Program, please see the following links: