Strategic Plan

CPD’s Strategic Plan embodies principles identified under President Barack Obama’s Presidential Task Force on 21st Century Policing, and is guided by its focus around:

Building trust and legitimacy; technology and social media; officer wellness and safety; policy and oversight; training and education; and community policing and crime reduction.



The plan incorporates four building block initiatives with over 70 action steps that speak to our community policing efforts and our overall mission.

  • Community Safety and Connections
    Work with the community to keep Champaign a safe place to live & work.
  • Trust & Trust Building
    Build trust within and outside of the Department.
  • Employee Wellness, Training & Development
    Cultivate a healthy work environment and leadership skills for every member of the Department.
  • Best Practices – Policy & Oversight
    Develop an appropriate staffing model that allows for effective leadership.

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