Expungement & Sealing of Records

Individuals seeking to get criminal records expunged (removed from your record) or sealed (placed under highly restricted access) may either appoint a private attorney or independently file a petition through the Champaign County Circuit Clerk’s Office or the county in which the offense occurred.

Once an order to expunge or seal records has been made, the Champaign Police Department processes the record based on the ordered instructions.

If you are seeking to expunge or seal an arrest, the petition requires a copy of your arrest transcripts. To receive this transcript you must request an appointment for Access & Review fingerprints with a law enforcement agency.

The Champaign Police Department provides Access & Review fingerprints to the public by appointment only. Call CPD Records Division at 217-403-7000.


  • There is a service fee of $40 for Access & Review printing.

Please review the Champaign County Circuit Clerk’s Criminal Expungement and Sealing information packet for more details on how expungement and sealing works; to know if you qualify; and for available resources.