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About the Neighborhood Services Department

Neighborhoods are the core component of our community. The City of Champaign is composed of 39 different neighborhoods that vary in size, location, housing styles, and social composition. To better serve the community, the City focuses services at the neighborhood level to identify and correct specific issues and problems. The Neighborhood Services Department is responsible for many issues that affect individuals and their homes, neighborhoods, and the larger community of Champaign. There are three divisions that each have differing responsibilities: Neighborhood Coordination is charged with the organization and support of neighborhood groups; Neighborhood Programs monitors and disseminates funding to rehabilitate housing and support local social services, and Code Compliance identifies and works to correct code issues on properties throughout the City. The department was created in 1992 with the mission of ensuring a comprehensive and effective response to neighborhood needs through implementation of the City’s Neighborhood Wellness Action Plan, coordination of neighborhood-based City services, and leadership on public information and citizen participation activities. The Neighborhood Services Department provides information, administers funding, and monitors programs that directly contribute to the health of neighborhoods throughout the City of Champaign.

Neighborhood Wellness Plan

The Neighborhood Wellness Action Plan is intended to be used by City staff, appointed and elected officials, and residents of the City as well as other agencies in and outside of the community. In conjunction with the Neighborhood Analysis Report, the Plan provides information regarding neighborhood conditions and issues and the types of activities that need to be carried out to achieve the Plan’s vision. Because it is intended to be used at various civic levels, the plan has a number of distinct, yet related applications.

Neighborhood Services Department Divisions

Neighborhood Code Compliance Division

The Neighborhood Code Compliance Division is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of existing structures in the community through enforcement of property maintenance codes and coordination of efforts to achieve compliance with the City’s blight and nuisance abatement programs.

Neighborhood Coordination Division

The Neighborhood Coordination Division is responsible for citizen education and outreach, coordination of interdepartmental efforts to solve neighborhood problems, organizing neighborhoods, and promoting neighborhood self-help programs to address community priorities.

Neighborhood Programs Division

The Neighborhood Programs Division is responsible for developing and managing programs to address neighborhood needs, including rental and home ownership programs, neighborhood plan implementation, and public service activities. The Division administers a variety of Federal, State and local funds to support these programs and activities.