Neighborhood Ambassador Program

Neighborhood Ambassador with Chief Tyler and neighborhood children at block party

The Neighborhood Ambassador Program is a pilot initiative that addresses two key Council goals adopted during the 2019-2021 goal setting process. Those goals are: “Keep Our Communities Safe” and “Our City Invests to Support Its Vibrant, Diverse Neighborhoods”. The program is housed in the Neighborhood Services Department as part of the Neighborhood Relations Division.

The Neighborhood Ambassador Program is part of the City’s overall response to gun violence and public safety concerns in neighborhoods and commercial districts throughout the community. In addition to supporting the work of other divisions within the Neighborhood Services Department the Neighborhood Ambassador team works closely with our network of registered groups to support and promote organizing and community building efforts to address neighborhood quality of life issues.

Another key responsibility of this team is to bolster City efforts to promote safe spaces and active places by supporting the outreach and engagement efforts of other City departments. The Neighborhood Ambassadors are strategically deployed to neighborhood and commercial districts to support engagement and education needs. Ambassadors proactively work with internal and external partners to promote safe spaces and active places for families to enjoy their neighborhoods, commercial districts, and other community assets.

This program extends the hours of operation for the Neighborhood Services Department to the evening hours. The Neighborhood Ambassadors work Tuesday and Wednesday 1-10pm, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday 3 pm-12am. This schedule is designed to augment and support our first responders during the late evening hours on Thursday – Saturday in the downtown commercial district.