Rental Housing Inspections

Occasionally problems in rental properties may arise. Tenants are encouraged to first contact their landlord about problems they have encountered that are in need of repair or maintenance.

However, if the landlord does not respond, a tenant can request an inspection of the inside of their rental dwelling unit and the outside public areas of the property. A property maintenance inspector will identify violations of the City’s Property Maintenance Code and International Fire Code, as adopted. A full inspection report is mailed to the property owner in the form of a violation notice.

Property owners are given a limited amount of time to correct the violations. If corrections are not made, the property owner is subject to legal action.

The tenant’s name and telephone number is recorded in the City’s record. This information is required in order to schedule an appointment for the inspection and to record who gave permission for the inspection. The tenant must be present when the inspection is conducted. The tenant should also cooperate by allowing the landlord access to appropriate areas of the property in order to perform needed repairs.

Registering a complaint about a property, a rental unit, or certified housing can be completed by submitting an online Tenant Inspection Request. completing a Tenant Inspection Request Form, or contacting the Neighborhood Services Department at 217-403-7070.