Informational Brochures

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand exactly what is required by City Ordinances. To assist you, we have created a few brochures that address some of the more commonly occurring violations. If you have questions about information contained in the brochures below or other ordinance requirements, please contact the Neighborhood Code Compliance division at 217-403-7070 or [email protected].

Exterior Checklist The Exterior Checklist brochure will assist you in evaluating the exterior condition of your property. It will help you determine what types of exterior repairs may be needed in order to maintain it in accordance with City codes.

Front Yard Parking
Parking on an unimproved surface is a violation of the Champaign Municipal Ordinance. The It’s Illegal to Park In a Front Yard brochure helps define the specific nature of this ordinance.

Information For Landlords
As the owner of a property, you are ultimately responsible for its upkeep.  The Information For Landlords brochure describes the responsibilities that come with being a landlord.


Interior Checklist
The Interior Checklist brochure was designed to assist you in evaluating the interior condition of a property to see if it meets the basic code requirements for residential units.


Nuisance Violations
The City of Champaign is committed to maintaining a safe, clean, and attractive city.  The Be A Good Neighbor brochure covers a number of ways in which you can help meet that goal.


Occupancy Information for Tenants and Landlords

The Occupancy Information for Tenants and Landlords brochure can answer many common questions about rental properties.


Sidewalk Snow Removal
The Sidewalk Snow Removal brochure can provide property owners in the Downtown and University District with information regarding the City’s Snow Removal Ordinance.