Community Outreach & Education

Neighborhood Meetings

The City’s Code Compliance Manager and Property Maintenance Inspectors are available to attend neighborhood meetings for the purpose of explaining code compliance.  Neighborhood groups are a great way to get to know neighbors and improve our community as residents take an active role in organizing their neighborhood.  The Code Compliance Division partners with the Neighborhood Coordination Division in defining and solving neighborhood issues and code-related problems.

Neighborhood Cleanups

The Code Compliance Division actively participates in neighborhood cleanup events. Through Neighborhood Relations’ Small Grant Program, registered groups can rent a dumpster for a weekend cleanup.  One responsibility of the Code Compliance Division is to enforce the City’s Nuisance Ordinance, which addresses public nuisances on private property – like trash and debris in yards. Having a cleanup event where residents participate and help each other beautify the surroundings, rids the neighborhood of the unsightly and unsanitary trash.

Campus Move-In, Move-Out

Twice a year, the City of Champaign and its citizens experience the en masse arrival and departure of University of Illinois students on campus.  At each occurrence, the City strives to work with apartment owners to address the issue of overflowing dumpsters in a timely manner.  It often requires the property owners to contract additional pickups with waste haulers, as well as increasing the size and capacity of the dumpsters.  The ground area immediately surrounding the dumpster needs to be monitored by the owner or owner’s representative to ensure that trash and debris are not strewn about.  Being proactive helps prevent the City from having to hire a contractor to remove the debris, preventing additional costs and alleviating neighborhood blight. More importantly, combustible materials, such as mattresses, are not left outside where they could block alley access or attract criminal (arson) behavior.