Five-Year Consolidated Plan 2015-19

The Consolidated Plan is a five-year plan that identifies strategies and resources that are available to meet affordable housing and community development objectives within the City.  The Consolidated Plan is divided into three main parts: a community needs assessment, a five-year strategic plan, and a one-year action plan. Both the needs assessment and strategic plan are broken down into two parts: housing issues and non-housing community development issues.  The Urbana HOME Consortium Consolidated Plan provides the framework for the housing sections and the City of Champaign CDBG responds primarily to the non-housing, or community development section, of this process.

Draft Five-Year Consolidated Plan 2020-24

The City of Champaign is working to draft the 2020-2024 Five Year Consolidated Plan.  The Consolidated Plan provides a comprehensive assessment of the needs and issues facing the City for housing, homelessness, poverty, economic and community development.  The Five-Year Consolidated Plan identifies goals and strategies for the City to undertake to achieve desired outcomes for the community.  A public hearing will be held on February 13, 2020 to gather public input on the creation of the draft 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan. The Draft 2020-2024 Five Year Consolidated Plan will then be available for review and comment beginning March 1, and throughout the 30-day public comment period.

Written comments can be forwarded via email to: or by telephone to Janel Gomez at 217-403-7070 by 5:00 pm April 1, 2020.  Please put “Public Comment” in the subject field when submitting paper or electronic comments.