Garden Hills Safety Lighting Energy Efficiency Program (SLEEP)

Garden Hills SLEEP is a Safety Lighting Energy Efficiency Program that was created to improve safety and energy efficiency for eligible single-family households in the form of grants and matching funds.  The program was developed for the Garden Hills neighborhood and an area of approximately 130 houses bordered by McKinley, Bradley, Illinois Brick Company and Kraft (see the eligibility area map on the right side of this page).

SLEEP Safety Items and Eligibility Requirements

Safety Items Eligibility Information

  • Rental and owner-occupied households in the eligibility area (see eligibility area map) may be eligible for SLEEP.
  • Applicants will have the option to select the eligible items based on their interest and need.
  • Households at or below 80% median family income (see Income Eligibility Chart) may be eligible for SLEEP.
  • To verify income, households will be required to submit proof of all sources of income for the last six months at the time of application.
  • To be approved, an applicant and their property must be free of delinquent liens or encumbrances, outstanding City fees and code violations.
  • Assistance will be provided in the form of a grant for owner occupied homes and a 50% dollar for dollar match from the property owner/landlord for homes that are not owner-occupied.
  • The maximum assistance level for eligible households is up to $5,000 per house.
Eligible Safety ItemsEstimated CostNotes
Emergency escape and rescue windows$1,500.00Up to 3 windows/house at $500/each
meeting City Code requirements
Yard pole light$1,500.00Energy efficiency features
Entry point exterior lights$300.00Energy efficiency features
Exterior door/window locks$100.00
Switch plate cover$10.00Encourages dusk to dawn light use
View finders$10.00
House numbers$10.00
Smoke + Carbon Monoxide detector$75.00
Landscape improvements$1,000.00Labor only
Video doorbell$250.00Does not include monitoring service
Total Estimate$4,755.00If all items needed and chosen by owner

Income Eligibility

Homeowners or renters with incomes up to 80% of the median family income.

Garden Hills SLEEP Home Safety Self-Evaluation