The Longest Table is a public discourse platform based on a very simple concept:  dinner and a conversation.  Communities across the nation have invited residents, elected officials and community stakeholders to engage in a civil conversation about their community, breaking down barriers and forging new partnerships in an effort to make their community and even better place to live.

The City of Champaign will host its very first longest table event on August 12, 2019.  The STAR Longest Table will host 300 attendees in the heart of Downtown Champaign.  The conversation will focus on both issues and opportunities impacting the City of Champaign from the attendees perspective. The goal of the STAR longest table is that attendees will build relationships with folks with whom they might not otherwise ever have had the opportunity to connect.

STAR Longest Table FAQs

Can children attend the event? The event is open to all residents of the City of Champaign. However, tables will be assigned in a way that allows folks who otherwise may not cross paths to enjoy a conversation together. Our table numbering system means that we cannot guarantee guests will be seated with their children.

Where is the option for group registrations? There is no group registration option as each attendee must be registered separately. This is by design as tables will be assigned To RSVP, we need the name, address, email, and community affiliation (board, HOA, resident, etc.) of each attendee.

Do I need to bring my printed ticket with me to the event? We will maintain a guest list that will be checked at registration, so a printed ticket is not required. Anyone who does not RSVP in advanced will be seated last, if space allows. We may not be able to seat guests who have not RSVP’d in advance.

Be sure to check back as additional FAQs will be added as needed.  If you have a question that has not been answered  here, please contact Nina Sibley at 217-403-7070.

Longest Table Invitiation





RSVP online beginning July 2, 2019.  Last day to RSVP is August 8, 2019.
The STAR Longest Table open to residents of Champaign
Event is FREE!
RSVP online here: STAR Longest Table RSVP

August 12, 2019 from 6-8 pm
East Main Street (between Neil Street and Walnut Street)

Longest Table Event Map

In order to ensure our first-ever longest table event is a success, we will need volunteers to help everything flow as smoothly as possible.  If you are interested in volunteering for the event in any capacity, contact the Neighborhood services department at 217-403-7070.  Volunteer roles are outlined below:

Barricade Monitors – Volunteers will be needed at the Neil Street and Walnut Street intersections to monitor the street barricades, allowing and preventing access along Main Street during set up and program hours.

Event set-up – Volunteers will be needed to place tables, chairs and table numbers, and set up tents.

Registration Tables – Volunteers will be needed to register guests as they arrive and to issue table assignments.

Event Ushers – Volunteers will be needed to walk guest to their assigned tables.

Conversation Facilitators – One person per table assigned to guide the conversation and ensure it flows continuously and remains on topic.  Orientation for the conversation facilitators will be scheduled shortly.

Event tear-down  – Volunteers will be needed to clear and remove tables, chairs and table numbers and tents, and to pick up any trash/litter from the event.