City of Champaign Online Meter Bag Order

Refer to the following map to locate meters for your order:
City of Champaign Parking Map

Below are the requirements for renting a meter bag.  Please read before submitting your order.  

Sec. 3378. – Parking meter covers.

(a) The City shall provide and make available for rent parking meter covers for the purpose of temporarily reserving metered parking spaces. The use of such reserved parking spaces shall be limited to persons engaged in construction, repairs, remodeling, loading, unloading and the like with respect to property adjacent to or near the reserved spaces. The parking spaces shall be reserved only for periods of time for the reasonably expeditious prosecution and completion of work related to the construction, repair, remodeling, loading, unloading, and the like.

(b)  It shall be unlawful for any person to use a parking meter cover not obtained from the City in compliance with subsection (a) of this section.

(c)  It shall be unlawful for any person to park in reserved metered parking spaces without having reserved such spaces in accord with the provisions of this section.

(C.B. No. 99-220, § 1, 7-20-99; C.B. No. 2002-072, § 2, 4-2-02) Link to Municode Sec. 33-78

  • The rental cost is $10 per day per bag.
  • You understand that as a condition of the City of Champaign reserving a parking space for my use, through the use of a parking meter cover or other signage, you are responsible for and will arrange for towing of vehicles trespassing in the parking space(s) reserved.
  • To rent a parking meter bag, the applicant must complete this application form.  Once the form is complete, click submit.  You will be contacted by the Public Works Department within 24 business hours.
  • This form must be received no less than 24 hours before the date of the requested meter reservation.  Please contact Public Works at 217-403-4700 if you have an urgent request.
  • The rental cost is assessed Monday through Saturday in the University District; Monday through Friday in the Downtown area.  There is no charge on official City holidays.
  • Your meter bag request will also be reviewed by the Engineering Right-of-Way Inspector.  Additional fees for right-of-way occupancy may apply.
  • For an extension, notice must be given prior to the current order expiring or the meter bag(s) will be removed.
  • A form must be received for all new orders and all extensions.
  • Meter bag orders or renewals submitted with less than 24-hours notice will cost $20 per meter bag for the first day, then the standard $10 per meter bag for each additional day.
  • Meter bags will be removed the evening of their expiration date.  Without a renewal, you could be ticketed or incur additional expenses to renew.

***Orders are not guaranteed until you have been contacted by a customer service representative, the meters have been confirmed, and payment has been accepted. ***

The City understands that projects can often be delayed by circumstances beyond your control and recommends you re-apply for an extension or place a new order as soon as you encounter delays to ensure you get the spaces you need.  We appreciate your business and want to make sure the meter bag order process is simple and effective, while preserving the ability for the public to utilize available parking.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Public Works Department at 217-403-4700.