Any time a backup occurs within Champaign City limits,
homeowners should first contact Public Works
(BEFORE contacting a plumber or sewer service)

Public Works Department
Phone: 217-403-4700

  • The reason to contact the City first when experiencing a backup is so the City sanitary sewers can be checked for problems.
  • The City will not reimburse payments to private sewer services or plumbers who discover problems with City sanitary sewers.

Sanitary Sewer Repair Application Form



Sanitary Sewer Repair Application Form

This application is only for sanitary sewer repairs, not new sanitary connections. Please contact Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District at 217-367-3409 for new sanitary connection permitting.

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Job Site Address
Property Owner Address
Installing Contractor Address
Does any portion of proposed repair work occur within City of Champaign Right-of-Way?
All sanitary sewer permits require certificate of liability insurance in accordance with City of Champaign Municipal Code. Please attach insurance certificate. Form must include the following clause: "The City of Champaign, its officers and employees, are added as additional insured on the general liability policy on a primary and non-contributory basis."
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All excavations that occur in City right-of-way require a $10,000 Indemnity and Maintenance Bond.
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Sanitary Sewer Fee

The sanitary sewer fee is used to clean and rehabilitate the underground sewer lines that carry wastewater to main interceptor sewers that are maintained by the Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District (UCSD).

The fee is based on your water usage, which is provided by Illinois American Water.

The City of Champaign bills the sanitary sewer fee to each property within the Champaign City limits that is connected to the sanitary sewer system.

The revenue from the City’s sanitary sewer fee is used to operate, maintain, and rehabilitate City sewers.  The UCSD user fee is used to operate and maintain the District’s wastewater interceptors, pump stations, and treatment plants.

The UCSD is a separate entity from the City of Champaign.

The UCSD is responsible for issuing the bills and collecting the sanitary sewer fee. Bills are issued bi-monthly, with an option to pay on an annual basis. Questions regarding your bill should be directed to 217-367-3409.

How Can Public Works Assist You?

Public Works Environmental staff provides free basement or property inspections and troubleshooting for anyone experiencing surface water, subsurface water, or sewer-type problems. A property inspection by Engineering is the first required step in seeking information about either program listed below. Engineering staff will then guide the property owner to the program(s) they qualify for and provide them with recommendations, guidance, and the program applications during the inspection.

Overhead Sanitary Sewer Program

The Overhead Sanitary Sewer Program is administered by the Engineering Division. The program is available to single or multifamily residential, commercial, and industrial properties within the City of Champaign. Applications will be considered for participation from those properties attached to the publicly owned and maintained sanitary sewer system. Properties receiving assistance from the program will be required to have any footing drain, sump pump, downspout, and storm drain connections removed from the sanitary sewer at the property owner’s expense. City staff may inspect the subject property prior to approval for participation. Property owners are required to submit an Application for City Sanitary Overhead Sewer Program, which can be obtained from the Public Works Department, 702 Edgebrook Drive.

All applications must be accompanied by two or more estimates from licensed plumber.  Reimbursement will be processed based on the lowest approved estimate.  The City and the UCSD will reimburse 75 percent of the cost up to a maximum installation total of $7,000.  This translates into a maximum contribution of $5,250 by the City and UCSD.

A sewage ejector system, also called an overhead sanitary sewer, raises the level of sewer discharge to an elevation above the street manhole. This installation will eliminate the possibility of sewer backups caused by stormwater infiltration and inadequate sewer main capacity.

The program is not available to commercial and industrial properties.

The Application form must be completed by the owner of the property.  

Sump Pump Cost-Share Program

The Sump Pump Program assists owners with protecting their lower levels or basements from storm water backups, wall, and floor water infiltration or seepage problems, sump pump installations, and sump pump connections to City of Champaign storm sewers, etc.  This program is available to single or multifamily residential, commercial, and industrial properties within the City of Champaign that were constructed prior to 1994.  Footing drains, sump pumps, downspouts, storm drains, and miscellaneous connections must be removed from the sanitary sewer at the property owner’s expense prior to sump pump system reimbursement.

Property owners are required to schedule a basement/property inspection with City’s staff and submit an application.  All applications must be accompanied by at least two cost estimates for the installation. The City will notify the applicant of application approval.  If approved, the applicant will proceed with installation.  An invoice must be submitted attached to a copy of the approved application form properly signed by a representative of the City Engineering Division indicating a final installation, inspection, and payment.

The cost share is 75 percent of the system installation, up to a maximum cost share of $5,250.  The City cost share shall be based upon the lowest of at least two cost estimates.

For more information, please contact:

City of Champaign
Public Works Department Engineering Division
702 Edgebrook Drive
Champaign, IL 61820
[email protected]