Annual Registration

Organized groups are encouraged to register with the City and remain active.  To be considered active, neighborhood groups must hold at least 2 face-to-face meetings and update their registration annually.  The City promotes updating Neighborhood Group registration at the beginning of each fiscal year, however, as officers change and groups evolve, registration can be updated any time simply by filling out the annual neighborhood registration update form below.

  • Group Boundaries

    Please name your neighborhood group's boundary streets on the N, S, E & W:
  • Group Type

    Only select one
  • Group Leadership

    List at least two (2) current group leaders (Neighborhood Block President/Captains, Vice-Presidents/Co-Captains, Board Officers etc.
  • Group Leader

  • Group Leader

  • Additional Group Leadership

    List additional primary contacts, officers, board members, etc. Be sure to include their name, address and email. If email is not included, contacts will not receive information and updates sent to the leaders email listserv. Separate entries with a semicolon (;) or period (.).
  • Public Method of Contact

    REQUIRED: Provide at least one (1) public method of contact to be posted on the City's online registry. Enter N/A for methods not provided.
  • Find Group on Social Media (optional)

  • At least 2 meeting are required to remain active. Group business meetings, group projects and group events all count towards this requirement. List dates, times, and locations of face-to-face group meetings/events held in the prior year (from July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020. Ex. Block Party; September 19, 2019; 1:00 pm; corner of Freedom Lane and Patriot Drive).
  • List dates, times, and locations of at least two (2) group meetings/events proposed for the upcoming year (from July1, 2020 -June 30, 2021. ex. Monthly meeting; February 22, 2019; 10 am; City Elementary School):
  • Neighborhood Watch Signs

    If you have Neighborhood Watch signs in your area, please provide the address/location of the signs and their condition.
  • Neighborhood Watch Sign Replacement

    To replace or order Neighborhood Watch signs, please check the box below or call 403-7070, and we will send you a Sign Request Form.