Community Gun Violence Reduction Blueprint

Boy holding sign that says "Our Call to Action"

The City Council approved the Community Gun Violence Reduction Blueprint on February 15, 2022. The Blueprint is a comprehensive strategy to address the root causes of gun violence in Champaign.  The Blueprint is implemented through the Community Safety and Justice Division of the Equity and Engagement Department with three goal areas that include strategies that have been designed based on best practices and evaluation results.

Goal 1: Prevent/Reduce Gun Violence and Promote Safety

Goal one of the proposed Blueprint, incorporates several strategies to prevent and reduce gun violence. The strategies in goal one focus resources towards active firearm offenders and individuals at a higher risk of reoffending through gun related offenses.

Goal 2: Community Engagement and Support

Working with residents to address neighborhood problems and helping to restore safety and a sense of community are important aspects of a comprehensive crime and violence prevention approach. To provide coordination and focus for all programs and practices designed to reduce community violence, through community-based intervention strategies and focused enforcement strategies.

Goal 3: Data-Driven Decision Making

Program evaluation is a systematic way to assess the value and impact of policies, practices, and programs. It includes continuous monitoring and routine data collection on implementation of the initiative or an assessment of its outcomes over a regular period of time. It provides an in-depth look into how a particular plan was carried out, whether the intervention is on track, or whether expected goals and outcomes were achieved.

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Cover of the Community Gun Violence Reduction Blueprint