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MCORE Project 4 – Chalmers Street Road Closure (between Sixth Street and Wright Street)

On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project (MCORE) will close the block of Chalmers Street between Sixth Street and Wright Street to facilitate the reconstruction of this entire block (street pavement, street lighting, etc.). This closure is scheduled to reopen in August 2020. Additional updates will be provided as the project progresses.  […]

MCORE Project 4 – Temporary Intersection Closure (Wright Street and Green Street)

On Monday, March 16, 2020, the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project (MCORE) will begin construction on Wright Street from Green Street north to Springfield Avenue. During the week of March 16 to March 22, 2020, the intersection of Wright Street and Green Street will be closed to all traffic to facilitate the installation of water main. […]

MCORE Project 4 – Traffic Pattern Changes and Closures

On Monday, September 23, the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project (MCORE) will change over from working on the east half of Wright Street to working on the west half of Wright Street. This will result in several traffic pattern changes. A few key items are highlighted below; please see the attached traffic pattern exhibit for more […]

MCORE Project 4 Construction Update (Closures of Armory Ave. and Wright St.)

On Monday, May 13, the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project (MCORE) will close two blocks near the corner of Armory Avenue and Wright Street: • Wright Street from Armory Avenue to Chalmers Street • Armory Avenue from Sixth Street to Wright Street The closure is for reconstruction of these two blocks. The streets will be closed […]

MCORE Project 4 – Armory Avenue Pavement Patching (Fourth Street to Sixth Street)

On Friday, April 12, the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project (MCORE) will convert Armory Avenue between Fourth Street and Sixth Street to one-way eastbound in order to complete a pavement patch near the intersection with Fifth Street. Armory Avenue will remain one-way eastbound between Fourth and Sixth until Monday, April 15. Southbound Sixth Street traffic will […]

MCORE Project 4 Construction Beginning (Wright Street and Armory Avenue)

On Monday, March 4, the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project (MCORE) gets underway with Project 4. The first working area/closures are Armory Avenue between Sixth and Fourth, and sidewalk areas along Armory. The full project corridor includes Armory Avenue, (between Fourth Street and Wright Street) and Wright Street (between Armory Avenue and Springfield Avenue). This phase […]