West Washington Phase 3 Construction to Begin

On Monday, March 4, construction will begin on Phase 3 of the West Washington Watershed Drainage Improvements. This project consists of a new storm system that will extend from Preservation Pond to the flooding areas located to the south. The project will also consist of street reconstruction, sidewalk reconstruction, and streetlight work.

The streets that are included in the construction area are listed below:
• Washington Street from Russell Street to Edwin Street
• Edwin Street from Church Street to Washington Street
• Church Street from Edwin Street to James Street
• James Street from University Avenue to Church Street
• Park Avenue from Russell Street to James Street
• University Avenue from Russell Street to James Street
• Elmwood Drive from Flora Drive to University Avenue
• Flora Drive from White Street to Elmwood Drive

The City appreciates the cooperation of travelers in the area and encourages caution when traveling in proximity to a work zone.