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New Mayor Feinen Podcast Features Champaign County African American Heritage Trail

In the latest episode of The Mayor Feinen Podcast, Mayor Feinen sits down with Co-Chairs Angela M. Rivers and Dr. Barbara Suggs-Mason, and Jayne DeLuce, President and CEO of Visit Champaign County, to talk about the Champaign County African American Heritage Trail. Creatively blending art and education, the project celebrates the lives and contributions of […]

New Mayor Feinen Podcast Discusses the Hedge Pop! Park

Mayor Feinen talks with Senior Planner Lacey Rains Lowe and Neighborhood Relations Manager John Ruffin about what went into getting the Hedge Pop! Park up and running. The temporary park is the pilot project for the Safe Places, Active Spaces initiative, providing an exciting new neighborhood amenity to our Garden Hills neighbors. At the intersection […]

New Mayor Feinen Podcast Discusses the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge

The Mayors’ Monarch Pledge is a commitment by cities across the country to create habitats for monarch butterflies and other pollinators. In this latest episode Public Works staff explain the City’s efforts to incorporate more pollinator-friendly plantings and habitats into City projects. They talk not only about why it is important to save the monarchs, […]

New Mayor Feinen Podcast features the SWFT Program

Support for Workforce Training (SWFT) is a short-term workforce training program at Parkland College providing wrap-around academic and career services. In her latest podcast, Mayor Feinen talks with SWFT Director Alicia Beck about the program. During their discussion Beck describes the SWFT program, shares information on the application process, and explains how SWFT helps area […]

Latest Mayor Feinen Podcast Features the Chamber of Commerce

The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce was recently awarded the Outstanding Chamber of the Year for Illinois in 2021. In this new podcast, Mayor Feinen talks with the Chamber’s President & CEO Laura Weis. During their discussion they review the Chamber’s efforts to help Champaign businesses respond, reopen, and recover from the COVID pandemic. They […]

Mayor Feinen Podcast – American Rescue Plan

Mayor Feinen talks with Finance Director Kay Nees about the American Rescue Plan funding for the City of Champaign. They talk about what type of projects the $25 million can be used for, and how the public can provide input on the priorities they think should be funded. You can listen to the audio podcast […]

New Episode of The Mayor Feinen Podcast

On this week’s The Mayor Feinen Podcast, Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen talks with representatives from community organizations about some of the social services available to Champaign residents who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and how these programs are being funded. The discussion includes programs available to assist neighbors without addresses, providing healthy food to […]

City Produces Six New Episodes of The Mayor Feinen Podcast

Mayor Feinen has been busing using The Mayor Feinen Podcast as a platform to talk with community leaders about the affect of COVID-19 on the City of Champaign. In the last month she has recorded one-on-one podcasts with City Council Members Alicia Beck, Angie Brix, Vanna Pianfetti, Tom Bruno, and Matthew Gladney. On May 26 […]

City Launches New Podcast Featuring Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen

The City of Champaign has started producing a new monthly podcast featuring Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen and her guests. Each month she will chat with local newsmakers about topics of interest to Champaign’s residents and visitors.  Listeners will learn about the activities and programs of the City of Champaign,community events, and other topics that impact […]