City Launches New Video Magazine Show – Champaign Spotlight

On February 28, 2020, the City’s new video magazine show – Champaign Spotlight – started airing on CGTV.  This show features a new host (Alison Davis Wood) and replaces the award-winning Champaign Connection which the City had produced since 2008. Each episode of the new show will put the spotlight on the people, programs, and events of the City of Champaign.

The first episode features a profile of Champaign Fire Chief Gary Ludwig, who talks about his path to becoming the Fire Chief and what the Champaign Fire Department means to the City’s residents. You’ll also learn about the work of the Champaign County Community Coalition from the City’s Community Relations Manager Tracy Parsons. Tune in for these great interviews and much more in Champaign Spotlight!

The show plays regularly on CGTV (Comcast/i3 Broadband channel 5, U-verse channel 99) and is also available for on-demand viewing on the City’s website and YouTube.