City Launches New Podcast Featuring Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen

The City of Champaign has started producing a new monthly podcast featuring Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen and her guests. Each month she will chat with local newsmakers about topics of interest to Champaign’s residents and visitors.  Listeners will learn about the activities and programs of the City of Champaign,community events, and other topics that impact the greater Champaign community.

With the 2020 Census just around the corner, Mayor Feinen used her first podcast as a chance to share information about the census process. City Planner Tina Ansong joined Mayor Feinen to discuss the importance of the government census, how the information is (and isn’t) used, the different ways to take the census this year, data privacy, and how to avoid census-related scams.

You can find The Mayor Feinen Podcast on the City’s website or by searching for “Mayor Feinen” on your favorite podcast platform (coming soon to Apple).