Long Range Planning

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for working with the Plan Commission and City Council to plan for the community’s future. First, staff study statistics and trends to understand the issues and forces that shape Champaign’s past, present, and future. Then, through collaboration with the community, the staff works to envision what Champaign should be like in future years and develops strategies to advance the community toward its vision. Next, the Long Range Planning Division is responsible for creating plans, policies, and implementation programs that guide the growth and development of the city. Finally, we shepherd the vision for the city’s future by developing and implementing the Comprehensive Plan and other elements.

How We Serve Our Residents

The Long Range Planning staff creates and maintains the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which is the 20-year Master Plan for the growth of the City.  In addition, the staff creates plans to improve specific neighborhoods and focus areas, called Comprehensive Plan Elements.  See the Comprehensive Plan webpage for more information on the Comprehensive Plan and Elements.

The division also works to implement these plans by developing programs, studies, regulations, and policies in conjunction with other staff and agencies.  These include: