City of Champaign Seeks Public Input on Priority Bicycle Projects

Creating safe streets for everybody remains a priority for the City of Champaign which has been adding new bicycle lanes to street construction projects across the community. To facilitate this work the City created a new prioritization process and created a list of projects to help guide future construction. Residents can download the list of projects or explore a new interactive webmap showing the locations of the proposed bike projects and their selection criteria on Engage Champaign. Over the next two months, residents are encouraged to visit Engage Champaign and complete a short, four-question survey to share their thoughts on City-identified priority bike projects in different parts of Champaign. Visit to learn about each project, learn about the prioritization process, explore the engaging webmap, and complete the survey.

This infrastructure implementation plan will help staff plan and implement standalone bike infrastructure projects along with road improvement projects. Many projects have been completed in recent years and work continues to grow a more complete network of bicycle lanes, paths, and make modifications to infrastructure to create safe and inviting streets for all types of transportation needs. The Engage Champaign website also offers a Question-and-Answer section to address general resident questions and provides project leader contact information for more direct questions.

This project is part of the 2008 Transportation Master Plan: Champaign Moving Forward. The City’s Plan Commission will discuss the Bicycle Implementation Plan as an element to the Transportation Master Plan in early 2024 Stay tuned!