Comprehensive Plan

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to establish a vision for how the community wants to grow and develop over a twenty-year horizon.  The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for all residents as to the growth and anticipated use of property in the future.  It is a policy document that is a precursor to the City’s Zoning Ordinance.  The Comprehensive Plan acts as an “umbrella plan” with a long-range focus and somewhat general recommendations.  Specific focus area and neighborhood plans, called Elements of the Comprehensive Plan, address specific details and targeted implementation tasks that help to realize the vision established in the Comprehensive Plan.  These are found on the Focus Area and Neighborhood Plan page.

Functions of a Comprehensive Plan:

  • Establishes a community vision
  • Anticipates the future needs of the community
  • Presents the strategy for growing in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Champaign Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan 2021 Update 

Champaign Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan (Adopted on March 1, 2011)

Key Themes of Champaign Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan:

  1. Build a “Complete Community.”  A Complete Community is one that accommodates the needs of all residents and users in a way that simplifies their everyday lives.  There are three focus areas, Complete Neighborhoods, Complete Public Infrastructure and Complete Streets.  See page 15 of the Introduction Chapter for more information.
  2. Finish What We Have Already Started.  Prior to completing the Comprehensive Plan, existing conditions analysis was completed.  Two studies, the Fiscal Impact Analysis and Growth Area Analysis, showed that to grow in a fiscally sustainable way, the City should focus growth within the existing service area.  These studies also showed that there are more than 5,500 acres of land available within our existing service area, which could support more than 15-20 years of development at historic rates.

History of Planning in Champaign

The City of Champaign has a long history of City Planning, going back to the City’s first plan in 1926.  The City has had a total of seven Comprehensive Plans, including the current plan.  See page 5 of the Introduction Chapter for more information.  A collection of previous Comprehensive Plans can be found below: