Business Liquor Licenses

To determine what type of application to complete, applicants should first review the Liquor Ordinance, Liquor Commissioner’s Rules, and License Category/Fee Schedule.  It is highly recommended that applicants complete a liquor license applications with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

The following documents detail the procedures for different liquor license processes:

Business Liquor License Applications

Complete one of the following applications, based on the organization or structure of your business:

In addition to the completed application, the application packet must include:

  • An Application Processing Fee of $500
  • Proof of Ownership (Deed or Lease)
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Floor and Site Plan, Prepared with Architect’s Seal
  • Public Health Permit
  • Use of Force Policy (Click here to view a sample policy)
  • Secretary of State’s Business Registration or Articles of Incorporation (Required only for corporate applications)
  • Application for the Presence of Minors Exemption (Optional form – Required only for Class A liquor license applications wishing to claim an exemption to allow those under age 19 on the premises for food service.)

Applicants should submit completed application packets by mail or in person to:

Liquor Commissioner
Champaign City Building – Mayor’s Office
102 N. Neil St.
Champaign, IL 61820

Following the submission of a completed application packet, please allow the City three weeks to review and process your application.