Champaign Fire Department LogoAbout the Department

For over 150 years, the Champaign Fire Department, a full-service career organization, has provided quality fire service to the Champaign community.

The Department employs 123 people, including 106 fire operations personnel. Together they:

  • Provide support for fire operations.
  • Offer emergency medical services.
  • Provide code reviews and code enforcement to community business and University of Illinois campus.
  • Provide fire and life safety education to targeted groups including preschool, campus, and older adults.
  • Supply hazardous materials response, rescue services, and emergency management oversight for the City.

Over 89,000 people call Champaign home, including approximately 40,000 University of Illinois students who reside in Champaign’s response areas covering over 22.3 square miles. Prepared and dedicated firefighters respond to Champaign neighborhoods from six strategically-located fire stations.