Welcome from the Chief

I am delighted to take this moment to reflect on the remarkable journey of the Champaign Fire Department, a legacy of service that has been woven into the fabric of our community since 1865. As we welcome you to our website, we invite you to explore the rich history, the dedicated team, and the steadfast commitment that have defined our department over the past century and more.

A Legacy of Service Since 1865: For over 150 years, the Champaign Fire Department has stood as a beacon of safety, resilience, and community support. Our roots trace back to a time when horse-drawn fire apparatus roamed the streets, and the commitment to protecting lives and property was as strong as the brass buttons on a firefighter’s uniform. Today, we proudly carry forward this legacy, adapting to modern challenges while staying true to the core principles that have guided us throughout history.

Over 130 Strong: At the heart of our department is a team of over 130 dedicated individuals, each contributing their unique skills and unwavering commitment to public safety. Our firefighters, emergency medical technicians, administrative staff, and support personnel work collaboratively to ensure that the Champaign community receives the highest standard of service. We take pride in our diverse and talented team, united by a shared mission to protect and serve.

Six Stations, One Community: The Champaign Fire Department operates out of six strategically located stations, positioned to provide rapid response and comprehensive coverage across our community. These stations serve as hubs of activity, where our personnel train rigorously, maintain equipment, and respond promptly to emergencies. Our commitment to maintaining a strong presence in each neighborhood underscores our dedication to your safety and well-being.

Strength Through Service: In 2023 Champaign Fire Department responded to over 10,700 calls and our Building Safety Division processed nearly $171 million dollars of new construction permits. The Champaign Fire Department proudly serves over 90,000 residents, hundreds of thousands of visitors, and approximately 55,000 University of Illinois students.

As we celebrate our past and embrace the challenges of the future, we extend our gratitude to the community we proudly serve. Your trust and support have fueled our commitment to excellence, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

Explore our website to learn more about our history, services, and the incredible individuals who make up the Champaign Fire Department. Thank you for being an integral part of our story, and we are honored to stand alongside you in building a safer, stronger community.

Chief Andy Quarnstrom