Fire Department Repository Unit

Champaign City Council Bill 93-210 required the installation of Fire Department Repository Units, which is any device which contains keys that allows access to locked buildings and facilities or to secured areas within buildings or facilities, other than individual apartments or rented rooms, without forced entry.

The owner or person in control of the following types of buildings are required to install and maintain a Fire Department Repository Unit:

  • Any apartment building or other building in which eight (8) or more dwelling units are rented for residential purposes and in which access to the building or to common areas or mechanical or electrical rooms within the building is denied through locked doors.
  • Any nonresidential building where fire detection or suppression system is monitored by an alarm company or has an external audible alarm.
  • Any housing unit certified by the University of Illinois.
  • Any building or facility containing a reportable quantity of hazardous materials as defined by Section 13-76 of the Champaign Municipal Code.

The Champaign Fire Department has adopted the Knox-Box Rapid Entry Systems repository system as the approved unit.   

For more information or to how to purchase a Knox-Box Rapid Entry Systems unit contact the Champaign Fire Department at 217-403-7200.