City of Champaign Competes in “Strongest Town 2022 Contest” 

The City of Champaign is proud to announce it has been selected as a finalist in the “Strongest Town 2022 Contest.” Strong Towns is a nationally recognized non-profit organization which advocates for communities becoming more financially strong and resilient through smart planning and development approaches. Conducted like a tournament bracket, Champaign will compete against other communities beginning with a Round of 16 Strongest Town finalists. The full bracket will be released February 28, 2022, and cities have a chance to advance through online voting. The Strong Towns approach aligns with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and focuses on incremental development strategies; commitment to fostering small and local businesses and financial resiliency; efforts towards a multi-modal transportation system; and a strong partnership with the community.

Learn more about the Strong Towns organization HERE and the contest HERE.