Relocation of Dr. Howard School to Impact Traffic Patterns Near 1103 N. Neil Street


Champaign – Due to the relocation of Dr. Howard School to the former Columbia School building for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years, traffic to/from the school will follow a pre-planned pattern developed by City staff and Unit 4 personnel:

Starting 30 minutes prior to the beginning of classes, until the start of the school day; and again from 30 minutes prior to dismissal, until 30 minutes after dismissal:

  • Bus Traffic – Buses will approach the school from the east (Neil Street) only, travelling westbound on Beardsley Avenue. Buses will enter the school parking lot from Beardsley and return to Beardsley once students have been dropped off/picked up. Buses will then turn right onto northbound Randolph Street.
  • Other Vehicular Traffic – Students not riding the bus will be dropped off/picked up on Beardsley Avenue. Vehicles will turn eastbound from Randolph Street on to Beardsley Avenue. No other vehicular traffic will be allowed westbound on Beardsley, except school buses. After students are dropped off /picked up, vehicles will continue eastbound on Beardsley and will be required to turn south onto Neil Street. No left-turns onto Neil Street will be allowed.

To facilitate this traffic pattern, the below hinged (flip) signs will be installed for use during the hours in effect. Note: permanent hinged signs will be installed upon arrival (approx. 6 weeks), in the interim, temporary signs have been installed and Unit 4 personnel will help enforce the following:

  •  “Right Turn Only” sign on eastbound Beardsley Avenue at Neil Street.
  • “Do Not Enter – Except Buses” signs on westbound Beardsley at Neil Street.

School staff notified parents of the preferred routes and will have an extra presence on site when the school year begins, to help reinforce the traffic patterns. The accompanying photo depicts traffic pattern around the school.