Sinkhole on West Hill Street

Sinkhole 1

In June, Public Works contacted the Code Compliance Division about a sinkhole in the 900 block of West Hill Street, caused by a private sewer line that was broken prior to connecting to the main sewer line.  Public Works requested that Code Compliance Division cite the property owner for the broken sewer line when the deadline for repairs was not met.

A notice was issued to the owner on July 2 as a result of a malfunctioning connection to the public sewer system.  The notice included a re-inspection date of July 13 for the property owner to either make the repairs or appeal the violation notice.  A representative of the owner contacted the Code Compliance Division on July 10 to state their intention to appeal the notice and requested an extension.  During that contact, the owner’s representative was informed of the Neighborhood Programs Division’s emergency repair program.  The Neighborhood Programs Division staff contacted the owner to determine if they met eligibility for the program.  Once eligibility was determined, Neighborhood Programs arranged for a contractor to complete the repairs to the sewer line and collapsed section of the street.

The sewer line repair was approved on September 21 by Building Safety.

Sinkhole 3