Bristol Place Redevelopment Update

Phase I:  The City has acquired 27 properties in Bristol Place with two more pending.  An additional 31 properties were approved by City Council for acquisition in September and will be scheduled to close over the next year.  Twenty-three of these units will require relocation, including staff showing the households three comparable move units.  The remaining 31 owners who have not agreed to sell their properties will be contacted during the next several months to discuss the acquisition process and possible negotiations.  A total of nine property demolitions are complete and with two more under contract.  City Council approved three new contracts for five pending demolitions to ICD Ironhorse, Fenter Machinery and Miller Enterprises on October 6.  All contractors are approved demolition contractors in the Bristol Place contractor pool.

Phase II:  On Tuesday, September 29, the Bristol Place Phase II Steering Committee hosted an open house.  The event was held in the nearby Oakwood Trace Townhomes Clubhouse and provided information and collected feedback from 10 current residents of the Bristol Place neighborhood.  The open house provided stations for guests to engage with staff, committee members, and the Boneyard design consultant.  Topics included the current Bristol Place Phase I (acquisition, relocation and demolition); the Bristol Place Master Plan for the developer selection process; and existing LEED-ND examples around the country.  Additional guests included students from the University of Illinois Department of Urban and Regional Planning.  Several questions were asked and answered regarding the Phase I activities. Staff determined the event was successful based on the feedback which included existing Bristol Place residents expressing interest in staying in the neighborhood and providing input in the future development.  Fox News attended the open house and provided coverage of the event (click here for link).

On Thursday, October 1, as part of the 29th Annual RNNC, several City staff and Bristol Place Phase II Steering Committee Members visited the Louisville Metro Housing Authority for the purpose of touring three redevelopment sites.  The three sites included:

  1. HOPE VI (HUD funded) redevelopments that offer a blend of homeownership, rental, senior, and public/commercial facility spaces.
  2. Park DuValle was the oldest site on the tour and was started 15 years ago.  It provides a historical view of a completed redevelopment project.
  3. Sheppard’s Square was the newest project on the tour and is currently under construction. It provided ideas regarding LEED buildings and sustainability.

The Bristol Place Phase II Steering Committee will also review LEED-ND (Leadership through Engineering and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development) sites in Memphis, Milwaukee, and St. Louis over the next several months in preparation of the selecting a master developer for Bristol Place in early 2016.