Motor Fuel Tax Additional Funding

In July 2009, the State enacted the Illinois Jobs Now! program to create and retain over 439,000 jobs over six years with additional statewide capital construction funding ( Over five years the City of Champaign received five Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) payments of $326,804 each, totaling $1.63 million, for transportation infrastructure projects. The City funded enhancements to Staley Road Improvements from Springfield Avenue to Route 150 project from the additional MFT funding, just one example of how the City put this additional funding to use. The State established the Illinois Jobs Now! Funding as a five-year program, so the City has received its full share of funding from it.

However, the 2014 Capital Bill adopted by the State includes a supplemental appropriation of $100 million for local public agencies to promote job creation and improve transportation infrastructure throughout the State. The additional funding is approximately 18% above the standard annual Motor Fuel Tax allotment. The City received an additional $326,804 from this program this fiscal year and deposited it in the Motor Fuel Tax Fund. All capital improvement project information can be found in the 2015 Capital Improvements Plan (Council Bill 2014-087).