City of Champaign District 3 Councilman Kyle Harrison Announces Resignation

District 3 City Councilman Kyle Harrison submitted his letter of resignation to the City Council today. The effective day of the resignation will be June 15, 2012. The reason for the resignation is that the Councilman and his family will be moving to a new home outside of District 3, although they will continue to live within the City of Champaign.

In his letter of resignation, Councilman Harrison expressed his concern for the community and the people of District 3. “I care very much about our community and the people in District 3 and do not want them to be unrepresented. Serving the people of our community is a passion of mine. I will continue to serve the people as a Councilman till June 15th, 2012 or unless the City Council appoints someone sooner,” Harrison said.

The term for Councilman Harrison’s position runs through May 2013. The Council has 60 days to appoint a new Councilmember. A City Council Study Session will soon be scheduled for the Mayor and City Council to discuss the process for filling the vacancy.

The appointee to the Council seat must have been a resident of the City of Champaign for at least one year preceding the appointment and be a current resident of City Council District 3.