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2613 West Kirby Case Update

Due to outstanding code violations including boarded doors and windows, the property at 2613 W Kirby Ave. became subject to the requirements of the vacant nuisance residential buildings ordinance. Failure of the property owner to comply with the ordinance requirements resulted in the case being forwarded to the City Legal Department for litigation. Now-retired Property […]

Demolition Completed of Nuisance Residence

ICD Ironhorse recently completed demolition of the fire damaged structure located at 506 N. Ash.  The property has been vacant and boarded since April 2006.  Susan Jones, Property Maintenance Inspector, contacted the owner in June of 2015 to register the property as a Vacant Nuisance Residential Building.  Unfortunately, the owner did not complete a property rehabilitation. […]

704 N. State St. Update

704 N. State St. Update On August 1, 2013, a notice was issued to the owner of 704 N. State St., informing them that the property was determined to be a Vacant Nuisance Residential Building. The notice informed the owner of the requirement to register the property with a deadline of August 19, 2013. Because […]