METCAD 9-1-1 Services Restored After Brief System Outage on March 7

At 7:53 PM on March 7, 2024, METCAD was notified by an automated AT&T notification that both 9-1-1 circuits serving the METCAD 9-1-1 center were not working. METCAD staff verified that both the 9-1-1 and non-emergency phone lines were not functioning and immediately initiated METCAD’s emergency outage plan, which includes transferring its 9-1-1 lines to Vermilion County 9-1-1. However, in yesterday’s outage, Vermilion County’s 9-1-1 system was also affected. METCAD then contacted the Macon County 9-1-1 Center to verify their services were not impacted, and then AT&T transferred METCAD’s 9-1-1 lines to Macon County’s facility at approximately 8:40 PM. Macon County 9-1-1 staff then relayed details of Champaign County’s 9-1-1 calls they received to METCAD for local dispatching.

During the outage, AT&T informed METCAD that in addition to Champaign County, other areas of the state were also affected, including Belleville, Centralia, Fulton County, Vermilion County, Peoria, and Salem. Once AT&T resolved the issue, AT&T rerouted Champaign County’s 9-1-1 calls back to METCAD at approximately 9:25 PM. AT&T is still investigating the root cause of the service outage, but they did indicate that it was something within their infrastructure that failed. The Statewide 9-1-1 Administrator and the FCC are also looking into this matter.

We appreciate the public’s understanding and patience during the local disruption to 9-1-1 services. We would also like to thank the staff at Macon County 9-1-1 for helping out during this event.