i3 Broadband Fiberoptic Construction Project – Elm/Randolph/John/Ells

The City of Champaign shares the following information on behalf of i3 Broadband:

i3 Broadband will begin installation of fiberoptic utility in an area between Elm and Randolph (from west to east) and between John and Ells (from north to south). The construction process will continue for 6-8 weeks from first seeing utility flags to completing restoration and activating services.

I3 Broadband is a licensed utility in the state of Illinois and is permitted to construct facilities in the public right-of-way and general utility easements dedicated to the City of Champaign. i3 Broadband works closely with the City of Champaign through the permitting and construction process. Network construction activities will occur in City right-of-way and in public utility easements on private property in the subdivision, including backyard, side yard and front yard easements.
For questions concerning construction email [email protected] or call at 217-530-0333.