City and Partners Celebrate Welcoming Week 2022

The City Building’s atrium display features information about Champaign’s immigrant communities and the resources provided by the New American Welcome Center.The world map will be displayed in the City Building atrium from 9/9 – 9/16.Celebrated September 9 – September 18, Welcoming Week is an annual campaign to showcase the movement of communities striving to be more welcoming places for all, including immigrants. Welcoming Week provides individuals and communities the opportunity to proclaim welcoming values through events and local initiatives that foster mutual understanding between immigrants and non-immigrants, as well as deeper belonging for all. To find local Welcoming Week events and activities, please visit the website.

Thanks to University YMCA New American Welcome Center staff Jessica Devries and Melissa Houston for decorating the City Building’s atrium display case for Welcoming Week 2022.

In honor of Welcoming Week, the Equity and Engagement Dept. invites staff to celebrate immigration and the journey that we have all taken to call Champaign home! There is a world map located in the atrium of the City Building through September 16. Please stop by, grab a colored pin and mark where you are from. This can be you personally, your family, or just the place that you feel most connected to!

The Equity and Engagement Dept. would like to thank staff for participating in a welcoming video in celebration of Welcoming Week. This multilingual video empathizes the City’s support and commitment to being a welcoming city! You can watch the video here!